Sound Project "SIVA" Let's jump out of boredom with me (Red)

Sound Project "SIVA" Let's jump out of boredom with me (Red)

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Overdrive pedal for guitar.

It has a gain range that does not interfere with the band of the bass guitar, has a clean and sharp bass, distortion that is deep enough for overdrive, and can be set almost cleanly.

It can also be used as a preamplifier because it can produce a sufficient volume even with a clean setting. Reactivity that can directly express the nuances of picking by reacting sensitively to the volume control of the guitar. A wide range of sounds can be created with the Treble and Bass 2-band EQ.

By boosting the power supply voltage from + 9V to about + 17V with the internal circuit, it produces a tense sound that cannot be achieved with + 9V.

Four types of color variations are available: Red, Black, White, and Blue. Click here for the demo video ...