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【SGstrings】 Phosphor Bronze .011 Free 1 Pick + 1 E string 2021 【3SetPack】

【SGstrings】 Phosphor Bronze .011 Free 1 Pick + 1 E string 2021 【3SetPack】

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SG (Sound Generation) Strings, a high cost performance string from Brazil, is a guitar string developed by Brazilian manufacturer IZZO Musical Instruments, incorporating the voices of top musicians in the country. Using a highly accurate hexagon core (hexagonal core wire), a smooth feel and a moderate tension feeling are unprecedented. Since the first landing in Japan in 2014, the number of artists and players employed by both professionals and amateurs has been gradually increasing. We are pursuing the highest quality by incorporating the advice of many leading Brazilian guitarists, including Andreas Kisser of Sepultura, a metal band that has achieved worldwide success from Brazil.

In Japan, from 2016, we signed an endorsement contract with Kumi Adachi, a guitarist who is active mainly in Kansai, and from 2019, Boris, who is active mainly in overseas in heavy rock. Even in Japan, it proved its high quality. Currently, it is a "hidden brand" used by many artists such as Frost of Gods of Decay, a global heavy metal band originating in Japan.