[Phythm] Gunmetal Saddle for Strat
[Phythm] Gunmetal Saddle for Strat
[Phythm] Gunmetal Saddle for Strat
[Phythm] Gunmetal Saddle for Strat
[Phythm] Gunmetal Saddle for Strat

[Phythm] Gunmetal Saddle for Strat

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"Phythm", a specialty parts brand for Strats, created by Kyoto Strat lovers. This product is a special bridge saddle that uses gunmetal as the material.

* From the manufacturer\'s site
Gunmetal is called gunmetal in Japanese, and although it is a color far from the gunmetal color, the etymology is almost the same, and it seems that this name was given because it was used for the barrel of the cannon.
It seems that it is often used as a luxury part in the stereo industry. Since it is used for cannons, it is sticky and does not easily crack, and it is a metal with excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is an alloy of copper and tin. Is about the same as brass made of copper material, but the sound is a little warm, but even with weak picking, a cored sound can be obtained, and when distorted, it is characterized by a comfortable sound with an edge.

Since the slit through which the strings pass is also processed to be larger than the genuine product, the strings do not make unnatural contact, especially when floating, so it is transmitted straight.

Specifications stratocaster vintage style    
width :10.8㎜ 
height screws: Stainless 3mm PHYTHM Stainless ・ Original shape for Gunmetal Saddle
octave screws: Stainless steel 3 mm
spring: Original for stainless steel PHYTHM Saddle (6 short springs included)

  PHYTHM Gunmetal Saddle has been tested for various materials and sizes of each part to reach the above specifications. You may have something you have, such as screws and springs, but first try the ones that come with it.

The saddle width of the USA product is 11.3 mm, but due to the effect of carving out, the contact surface between the saddles increases and the string vibration is dispersed, so I dared to make it with 10.8 mm and make a gap of 0.5 mm. The string vibration is transmitted straight to the body, and a strong spring is set to improve the stability of the saddle spacing.

Of course, the USA type mounting screw is inch standard, but the size is No. 4-UNC, the outer diameter is 2.845 mm, the pitch (thread) is rough, and 3 mm is more efficient for string vibration, so I dare to use 3 mm. I adopted the thing.

The set screw for adjusting the string height is changed according to the saddle material. The stainless steel and gunmetal saddle\'s set screw has a slightly sharpened tip to transmit the vibration of the strings as a point like an insulator of an audio speaker, and does not give extra vibration to the body. However, this is a PHMTHM original shape that matches the saddle because the sound tends to be thin if it is sharpened too much.