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Otodel Wide Booster 【WDB1】
Otodel Wide Booster 【WDB1】
Otodel Wide Booster 【WDB1】
Otodel Wide Booster 【WDB1】
Otodel Wide Booster 【WDB1】
Otodel Wide Booster 【WDB1】

Otodel Wide Booster 【WDB1】

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A wide range clean booster for guitars.
I want to improve the performance of distortion effects and amps. I want to make it stand out solo. I want to improve the lack of sound pressure. I want to boost with a clean sound. I want to use it in various genres.
Recommended for those who like! !!
We also focused on cost performance without abandoning our commitment to sound!

★ Wide range booster
The quality of the original sound is fine-tuned without changing it significantly, and the noise outside the audible range is cut to reduce noise. You can get a large sound pressure with a wide range and clean sound. This booster is suitable for soloing guitars and combining with distortion.

★ Dual power supply by internal power supply circuit
By generating a negative power supply of about -9V with the internal power supply circuit and operating it with both power supplies, it can be amplified by about 20dB with almost no distortion while being compact. (If the input volume is loud, it may be distorted.)
This makes it compatible with distortion effectors and amp drive channels.

The small knob has a high cut function, and the more you turn it to the right, the lower the frequency to cut and the more you can cut. This is a convenient function that allows you to make fine adjustments, such as suppressing the high-pitched sound that is too high when combined with a distortion effector.

【Main Specifications】
■ Switching: True Bypass
■ Indicator: Effect CHECK indicator
■ Control: GAIN, HIGH CUT
■ Power supply: 9V-10VDC Center minus (batteries not allowed)
■Consumption current: 15mA
■ Size: 38 (w) x 93 (d) x 32 (h) mm (excluding protrusions)
■Mass: About 140 g
■ Contents: WDB1 (main unit), instruction manual, warranty card