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Otodel Melody Slicer【MLS1】
Otodel Melody Slicer【MLS1】
Otodel Melody Slicer【MLS1】
Otodel Melody Slicer【MLS1】
Otodel Melody Slicer【MLS1】
Otodel Melody Slicer【MLS1】
Otodel Melody Slicer【MLS1】
Otodel Melody Slicer【MLS1】

Otodel Melody Slicer【MLS1】

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A slicer effector that can cut the sound rhythmically. You can create a tremolo-like effect by blending the original sounds, or you can get a kill switch-like effect with a manual pattern.

Since the audio circuit section is analog and the control is digital, multi-functionality is realized even though it is analog sound.

[About functions]

■ Various PATTERN

Melody Slicer has 12 types of slice patterns and manual patterns. The 12 types of normal patterns are patterns in which the input sound is automatically sliced according to TEMPO, and the manual pattern is sliced only when the switch is pressed (or vice versa). It is used like a kill switch. can also do.

You can register 5 favorite patterns in the PATTERN switch and call them instantly.

■ BLEND function

You can blend the DRY sound (original sound) with the slice sound (effect sound). By adjusting this, it is possible to create a sound similar to tremolo. The BLEND function is analog, so it is always valid.

■ TEMPO knob with full color indicator

To improve the visibility of the rhythm, the TEMPO knob of this unit changes to various colors according to the movement.

By operating the TEMPO knob, you can control the playback speed of the slice pattern, and the TEMPO knob itself will blink accordingly.

■ P.MODE Pedal switch operation switching

By operating the P.MODE switch on this unit, you can switch the effect.

Latch: Press the switch once to turn it on, press it again to turn it off

Momentary: ON only while the switch is pressed

You can use the effect switching operation that becomes.

■ Tap tempo function

This unit is equipped with a tap tempo function that allows you to adjust TEMPO to the speed at which the switch is tapped by pressing and holding the main unit or connecting an external momentary foot switch.

■ External input terminal

You can also control TEMPO externally by connecting an expression pedal or momentary foot switch to this unit.

■ Expression pedal calibration function

The expression pedal calibration function is installed so that more types of expression pedals can be used. By using this, you can normally change from the minimum value to the maximum value with many types of expression pedals.

■ Various setting functions

This unit is also equipped with the following functions, and you can individually set whether to use it or not.

・ Effect switching function between main switch and external switch

・ Effect ON / OFF function by expression pedal

・ Effect ON / OFF function by external tap tempo input

・ Function to change the operation timing when operating the switch

Lots of other useful features!

However, it is an effector that you can use as it is without making difficult settings!

【Main Specifications】

■ Recommended load impedance: 10kΩ or more

■ Indicator: Main indicator, full color TEMPO indicator

■ Bypass: Relay type true bypass

■ Control: BLEND knob, PATTERN switch, P.MODE switch, TEMPO knob, main switch

■ Connection terminal: INPUT terminal (TS standard type), OUTPUT terminal (TS standard type), CTL / EXP terminal (3.5mmTRS mini stereo plug), power input terminal (2.1mmDC)

■ Input power supply: 9V ~ 10V (center minus)

■ Current consumption: Approximately 95mA (recommended power adapter 120mA or more)

■ Size: Approximately 50 (w) x 98 (d) x 52 (h) mm

■ Weight: 180g

■ Accessories: External input conversion cable, instruction manual, warranty card

* Since most of the work, including painting, is done by hand, there may be some uneven painting and print bleeding. note that. Please be assured that we have conducted our own tests on the functions and sound quality, and only those that have passed the test are shipped.