Otodel Effect Changer Loop 1【ECL1】
Otodel Effect Changer Loop 1【ECL1】
Otodel Effect Changer Loop 1【ECL1】
Otodel Effect Changer Loop 1【ECL1】
Otodel Effect Changer Loop 1【ECL1】

Otodel Effect Changer Loop 1【ECL1】

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1-loop switcher that is compact and has a full range of functions

・ Pop noise at the time of switching is further reduced

・ The shape of the head of the foot switch has changed.

-The foot switch is soft and operability is further improved.

-Power consumption has been reduced. (Current value: old type 50mA → new type 40mA)

・ The design has changed.

-The switch is easy to press and can be switched without stress!

-All sound quality is designed with the sound as it is by switching the relay type. (A filter for reducing switching noise is installed on the return side)

-By using the MODE switch, you can switch between the momentary mode, in which the effect loop turns on only when you step on it, and the latch mode, which turns on when you step on it once and turns off when you step on it again (same as a normal effector).

-You can set the switch switching timing by pressing and holding the foot switch in latch mode. The settings are automatically saved and will not disappear even if the power is turned off.

-You can also disable the long press setting for switching timing.

[What is switching timing setting?]

The moment you step on the switch (press change mode)

When released (release change mode)

You can select either of the above and set the timing of switching execution by operating the switch.

If you use the release change mode, you can step on it when you can afford to play, and even when you can\'t afford to see your feet, you can switch by simply releasing it, which is convenient!

Warranty period: 1 year from the date of purchase

[Main unit specifications]

■ Number of channels: 1

■ MODE: Latch, momentary

■ Input / output terminal: INPUT, OUTPUT, SEND, RETURN, power input terminal

■ Power supply: 9VDC (center minus)

■ Current consumption: Approximately 40mA (recommended power adapter 60mA or more)

■ Size: Approximately w3.7 x D9 x H3 cm (excluding protrusions such as switches)

■ Mass: 150g

* As it is a manual work such as assembly, painting and printing, there may be some distortion in appearance. note that. Please be assured that we have conducted our own tests on the functions and sound quality, and only provide those that have passed.