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[With special benefits only for us! ] Gods of Decay 1st Album "Collective Psychosis" [CD Album]

[With special benefits only for us! ] Gods of Decay 1st Album "Collective Psychosis" [CD Album]

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SG strings, Sound Project Siva Official Endorser,"World standard" metal band from Tokyo (No, we insist that it is a genre called "Gods of Decay", not a genre of metal.) Gods of Decay\'s 1st Album, a privilege only for us It is sold with. Please check our Twitter for details.

This is a privilege that fans cannot miss.

Somewhere, the nostalgic sound of the 70\'s and 80\'s and the cry of the vocal Anna\'s soul are fused. Already a hot topic in the world metal scene, their popularity has spread to the "sunless" range on this planet.

In addition, many young talents who will lead the next generation, such as KAOЯI (from PARADOXX / GEL), PePe (from ASURA), and Kose, have been appointed as support artists. This is a must-listen for metal fans.

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* Please see the Collective Psychosis Album trailer (video) in the middle of the page.

1. Self-Castigation (SE)
2. Collective Psychosis
3. Metamorphosis
4. Plague
5. A Hypocrite's Anathema
6. Burn Out
7. Over Roughs
8. Suffocate You
9. Malleus of the Maleficarum
10. Controlled Mindfuck
11. Forbidden Fruit
12. 8th Circle of Hell
13. Rain & Gunpowder

(Released December 7th, 2021)
Jacket Designed by Vera Ermak
Label - Sliptrick Records

All lyrics written by Anna, all music composed by Frost/Anna
Programming by Yorke

Gods of Decay
・Anna - lead vocals
・Frost - guitar, backing vocals
・Yorke - bass, programming

​Guest musicians
・KAOЯI (from PARADOXX / GEL) guitar on track 2
・PePe (from ASURA) drums on tracks 2, 7
・Kose (from AzabuSmith) guitar, bass on track 7

・ Artwork - Vera Ermak
・Photographer - Chiroline Evil
・ Mastering --Ihito Harasawa
・Label - Sliptrick Records