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[Kit version] Custom circuit "Direct" for GWNN Precision Base
[Kit version] Custom circuit "Direct" for GWNN Precision Base

[Kit version] Custom circuit "Direct" for GWNN Precision Base

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It is a kit of "Custom circuit direct for precision base" on sale from our company using Alpha\'s metric parts and Scud parts, which are relatively inexpensive and stable in quality. Normally, it is sold with the wiring assembled, but this is a full scratch assembly by the customer.

Of course, detailed assembly instructions are also included.
In addition, the wiring is classified into three colors in an easy-to-understand manner, and the wiring is done in order.

White is the one that passes the original electric signal output from the pickup.
Yellow is the one that passes the signal that controls the function of the circuit.
Black is earth, cold

..., the circuit configuration is easy to understand even for the first time.

This circuit cancels the volume tone by replacing the volume pot with a push-pull pot and pulling up the switch. If you set both volume tones to 0, you can use it as a standby switch.

There is no need for woodworking work, and the circuit is replaced as it is, so there is no change in appearance. You can easily upgrade your pre-bet. Do not miss this chance.

set content

Pot 250A x 1
Push-pullpot 250B x 1
Monaural jack x 1
Cross wire White / Yellow / Black 30 cm each
Orange Drop 715P 104J x 1